Shalamar Institute of Health Sciences

World Diabetes day is celebrated every year on 14th November for the awareness and prevention from diabetes. For this reason, SIDER (Sakina Institute of Diabetes and Endocrine Resarch) department of Shalamar Hospital in collaboration with Business Planning and Development department organized an awareness walk, seminar and free medical camp for the patients in which the patients were educated about preventive measures for diabetes.

Patients were offered the facility of blood sugar test along with free medicines. The Chief Executive (CE) of Shalamar Institute of Health Sciences, Brig (Retd.) Anis Ahmed, Principal Shalamar Medical and Dental College (SMDC), Mr. Zahid Bashir, Chief Operating Officer (COO) Shalamar Hospital, Dr. Ayesha Nauman, In charge SIDER, Dr. Maria Javed attended the event along with various doctors, nurses and students of SMDC.

Dr. Maria Javed addressing the seminar stressed upon the importance of an awareness campaign about prevention from diabetes which cannot be possible without government`s support. She further added that the prices of the medicines should be controlled so that the patients can easily consume them. Dr. Rozina Arshad told the audience about the SIDER department`s way of working. On this occasion, SIDER`s nutritionist Ms. Asma Shahid said that one of the major reasons of diabetes is unhealthy lifestyle. The Chief Guest of the seminar, Deputy Head of Mission from the German Ambassy, Dr. Philip Deichmann and Chairman Board of Trustees, Mr. Shahid Hussain also addressed the audience. The General Manager Marketing, Mr. Usman Suleman and In charge SIDER, Dr. Maria Javed thanked the pharmaceutical companies, staff members and other guests for their presence at the seminar and camp.