Shalamar Institute of Health Sciences


As a not-for-profit run by the Businessmen Hospital Trust, SIHS strives to uphold its position as a community leader in healthcare by leveraging its experience across health, education, and research to allow patients to become empowered in making the best decisions for themselves. By virtue of our vast array of institutions under the banner of SIHS, which the highest authorities have accredited in the country, we are preparing the workforce of tomorrow to fulfill the needs of the healthcare industry and producing leaders to guide it. Thus, through the joint efforts of the leadership, management, and philanthropic supporters, we aim to improve the quality of health of our community for a healthier tomorrow.

Our Evolution


Originally instituted as a Businessmen Hospital Trust as a 50-bed organization in 1978 with six outpatient departments. Shalamar was the culmination of strenuous efforts by its members Chaudary Nazar Mohammad (late) and his esteemed partners, Mr. Mohammad Hussain (late), Mr. Naseem Saigol, Mr. Mumtaz A Sheikh, and Syed Babar Ali, with kind assistance from the Punjab government. Shalamar has been operating under generous endowment funds and through private donations and grants from all over Pakistan.

Board of Trustees

Our board is comprised of highly experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds. Each member brings their unique experiences guiding Shalamar through continuous improvement and change. Their combined knowledge and skills equip us with the cohesive leadership we need to successfully integrate health, education, and research and extend beyond the traditional boundaries of healthcare.

Shahid Hussain


Syed Babar Ali


Ibrar A. Mumtaz


Omer Saeed


Munir Chaudhry


Altaf M. Saleem


Management Committee

Leaders and experts in their field, from experiences across the globe, have come together to build the Shalamar brand. The team is guided by a shared vision to meet unmet community needs, driven by creative innovation. This dual focus ensures proactive responses by utilizing best-fit practices in our society.

Prof. Zahid Bashir

Shalamar Medical & Dental College

Dr. Ayesha Nauman

Chief Operating Officer
Shalamar Hospital

Syed Ali Raza

Chief Financial Officer
Shalamar Institute of Health Sciences

Dr. Riffat Javed

Shalamar School of Allied Health Sciences

Our Heritage

Over the last 44 years, Shalamar Hospital has evolved into a premier tertiary care medical facility with 500 beds and 25 clinical departments and specialties equipped with world-class diagnostic and treatment facilities. Situated at Shalimar Link Road, the 18-acre establishment was originally instituted as a Businessmen Hospital Trust as a 50-bed organization in 1978 with six outpatient departments. Our pioneering culture led us to form Shalamar Institute of Health Sciences (SIHS) as the umbrella organization for Shalamar Hospital (1978), Shalamar Nursing College (SNC, 2006), Shalamar Medical & Dental College (SMDC, 2009), and Shalamar School of Allied Health Sciences (2016). These educational institutions were established to improve service delivery in tertiary healthcare. Our Shalamar Medical & Dental College is now ranked among UHS’s top medical colleges.

Our Social Responsibility

SIHS is determined to provide the best healthcare facilities to its patients, set the highest standards of personalized, specialized, accessible, and cost-effective medical care keeping pace with the latest medical advancements. The teaching institutions strive to be the center of excellence in quality education, emphasizing research, ethical values, compassion, and innovation. We want to advance clinical service delivery and research by developing an enabling environment of compassion, respect, teamwork, stewardship & innovation. We aim to drive forward the strategic partnership between all complimentary units to establish and enhance intellectual rigor, practical clinical skills required to work in diverse settings and instill a deep commitment to patient welfare. Our responsibility not only lies with our community but starts with our team that we have carefully assembled to work towards a common and practical goal.

Our Brand

In the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, the world has witnessed a transformation in both technology and consumers. With an increasingly informed clientele who demand both convenience and quality, Shalamar has risen to the challenge and adapted itself to the needs of the people. Here at Shalamar, we have an eclectic blend of clinical and non-clinical staff who can draw from a wealth of rich experience, whether from both abroad and locally. Our people are sensitive to the community’s needs and strive to deliver the best care possible. We can also draw on an extensive collection of experiential knowledge as a leading teaching hospital with support from diverse educational institutions. SIHS constantly tries to innovate by engaging our experts through education and health to improve service delivery and empower the patients to make better health choices. SIHS is comprised of Shalamar Hospital, Shalamar Medical and Dental College, Shalamar Nursing College, and Shalamar School of Allied Health Sciences, which are all committed to delivering excellence.

Master Plan

As SIHS moves towards the next phase in its transition, we hope to:

  • Establish a women’s health center in collaboration with John Hopkins International to improve the patient journey for women.
  • Foster community ties to implement extensive outreach programs.
  • Build beneficial partnerships to promote the brand of Shalamar.
  • Create an environment that drives research to become a hub of innovation that keeps the needs of the patients at its forefront.
  • Revitalizing and updating the infrastructure and available facilities to streamline and improve the patient experience.
  • Creating a warm, engaging, and challenging work environment that engenders a sense of community and loyalty.