Shalamar Institute of Health Sciences

Research Excellence Awards

The SIHS Research Excellence Awards (REA) are an event where we celebrate the innovative health research performed by members of our organization. These Awards highlight any original research done in the medical and physical health fields that have been published in reputed international journals. Through this, we aim to encourage the growth of research and establish SIHS as a prominent research facility in the health community of Pakistan. 

Award and Eligibility

The award for the recognition of high value research studies is presented to the principal investigators and their team. There is a strict established criteria for evaluating the research studies to be deemed award-worthy. The criteria to be considered for the award are:

  1. Must be published in an international journal of a minimal impact factor
  2. Must be related to medical and physical health fields
  3. The author submitting must have been an employee at Shalamar while conducting the research, and must still be an employee during submission

This criteria is adjusted on a yearly basis to encourage more and higher quality papers.

Award RecipientsRecipents Previous cycles

1st cycle: 2022


Dr. Saira Elaine, Assistant Professor of Rheumatology

Mrs. Nasim Rafiq, Principal Shalamar Nursing College

Ms. Madiha Mumtaz.



Dr. Farkhanda Ghafoor, Director, Department of Research & Innovation

Dr. Talat Wasim, Chair of Surgery & Allied, Shalamar Hospital and Shalamar Medical & Dental College