Shalamar Institute of Health Sciences

About Us

Shalamar Institute of Health Sciences (SIHS) in Lahore, Pakistan, aspires to be a leader in healthcare education where research is a cornerstone. Our mission statement and core values explicitly emphasise research alongside ethical practices, compassion, and  innovation. Since 2019, the Department of Research and Innovation has been a cornerstone of Shalamar’s research output, with over 120 research papers published in 2023 alone. 

In 2023, SIHS established the Research Advisory Committee (RAC), in order to translate more of our vision into concrete actions that foster a strong research culture, such as the annual Research Excellence Awards (2022, 2023).

SIHS actively cultivates a research-oriented environment through various initiatives. The Centre of Excellence Research framework serves as a platform for clinicians and healthcare workers to research and support the development of innovative solutions for pressing healthcare challenges. 

Additionally, increasing workshops on research methodology aim to equip faculty and students with the necessary skills to conduct effective research. 

Furthermore, since 2022 SIHS has hosted an annual Research Excellence Awards ceremony, where researchers with the most qualified papers were celebrated. 

Shalamar has been broadening its research to outside of its own boundaries as well, with collaborations taking place across the nation with institutes like LUMS, as well as internationally with institutes like NHS hospitals. 

These efforts suggest a multi-pronged approach at SIHS, encouraging research not only as a means to generate new knowledge but also to empower future healthcare professionals to be critical thinkers and problem solvers on a global level.