Shalamar Institute of Health Sciences

In a resounding testament to academic excellence, Shalamar Nursing College has achieved an outstanding feat by securing three esteemed positions in the BSN Post RN (2 Year) graduate program during the UHS Professional Examinations 2022. Held from March to May 2023, this remarkable accomplishment stands as a true reflection of the students’ dedication and the institution’s commitment to nurturing exceptional talents. The names of these outstanding achievers – Sumbal Majeed, Parsa Majeed, and Adeela Manzoor – now resonate as beacons of accomplishment within the academic sphere. Sumbal Majeed, attaining an impressive 98%, has secured the 2nd Position in the POST RN BSN First Prof category with her outstanding score of 346/400. Joining her in the ranks of excellence, Parsa Majeed also clinched the 2nd Position with an identical score of 346/400, underlining the institution’s consistent commitment to producing remarkable nursing professionals. Adeela Manzoor, an exemplar of dedication, has achieved a perfect 100% score in the Post RN BSN Final Prof program, securing a well-deserved 3rd Position with her exceptional marks of 460/500. This remarkable achievement, achieved By the Grace of Allah, radiates the institution’s pride and dedication to nurturing future leaders in the field of nursing.