Mr. Shahid Hussain, Chairman Board of Trustees inaugurated a newly established, on-campus Research and Innovation Laboratory on 14th December 2022. The Laboratory is established to facilitate researchers from SIHS and is open for collaborative research by professionals from other institutions. Manned by highly qualified and experienced staff, the facility can be used to carry out research in Basic Sciences, Molecular & Genetic Studies, Protein Analysis, Immunology (Hormones and Tumor Markers), and Biochemistry & Chromatography Analysis of chemicals.

Molecular section has a Bio Safety Level (BSL) – II laboratory for infectious diseases and is also equipped with SDA PAGE, Western Blotting, Gel Doc, Traditional Thermo Cycler and Quant studio 5 for qPCR. The Immunology section has Plate Reader with Skan IT software, Plate Shakers, Plate Washer, automated ELISA plate coating and multiple washing systems.

The Biochemistry and Chromatography sections have Bio Spectrophotometer, Fraction Collectors with accessories, Chromatography Columns and Microlab-300. Lab is also equipped with Electronic Micropipettes, -80C freezer, an Automatic Glass/Plastic apparatus washer, Autoclave, Sonicator, Refrigerated Centrifuge, and Water Distillation & De-Ionizing system.