Shalamar Institute of Health Sciences

Cardiac Awareness Seminars

A series of cardiac awareness seminars were conducted by Shalamar Hospital at TEPS Institute of Arts & Deign, FC College, Lahore College for Women University (LCWU) and Jazz on 7th March, 15th March, 11th April, and 26th April, 2018, respectively.

The seminars were led and conducted by various faculty members including Head of Cardiology Department Dr. Kamran Babar, Associate Professor of Cardiology Dr. Javed Ashraf and Assistant Professor of Cardiology Dr. Naresh Kumar, who presented educational seminars on cardiac heath, its risk factors and timely management. They also offered free medical consultation to attendees. In addition, Associate Professor and Head of Cardiovascular Surgery, Dr. Ammar Hameed Khan, and Assistant Professor Dr. Muhammad Muneeb also provided heir consultation services to attendees without charge.

Various free tests including blood screening tests, cholesterol tests, BMI tests, uric acid tests were also made available through collaboration with several distinguished pharmaceutical companies.