Shalamar Institute of Health Sciences

Dr. Saadia Shahzad, Associate Professor from the Community Medicine department of Shalamar Medical and Dental College; also holding the additional responsibilities of being Medical Educationist, and Bioethicist; made the organization proud by her achievement early this year.

She presented her Bioethics Thought Paper in the International Chair in Bioethics 14th World Conference on Bioethics, Medical Ethics, and Health Law, in Porto, Portugal in March 22.

Her Thought paper was titled: ‘Social inclusion and positive rehabilitation of children with Down syndrome is their basic human right: a thought paper in the contextual environment of Pakistani society’. This is a much needed work for our society where most of the time vulnerable population is not given their due basic human rights and social inclusion is denied to them.

She was also invited as Chair Session, and chaired the session on ‘Human Rights ll’ in the said conference. 

It is a moment of pride that Dr. Saadia Shahzad as faculty of Shalamar Medical and Dental College represented this organization at an International platform.

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