Shalamar Institute of Health Sciences



Shalamar Medical and Dental College (SMDC) has initiated a seven-star medical education plan similar to the ones offered internationally in renowned medical colleges. Accordingly, SMDC launched a 1+5 year MBBS program for their students of Medicine. The students who get admission at SMDC have an option to spend the first year of their medical education at LUMS and then continue their 5-year MBBS program at SMDC.


During this year, selected students from SMDC will take courses at LUMS in the subjects of critical thinking and logic, basics of cell and molecular biology, and laboratory methods courses. Students will also learn to use the tools for modern molecular diagnostics. It is being proposed that initially, only twenty students will be given this option, and over time, as the program gains popularity, more seats will be added to it.


This proposal for collaboration has been discussed in depth with:


Dr. Sabieh Anwar (Dean SBASSE)

Dr. Amir Faisal (Chair of Biology)

Dr. Muhammad Tariq (Associate Professor in Biology)

Dr. Arshad Ahmad (Vice Chancellor LUMS)

Mr. Shahid Hussain (CBOT Shalamar and Rector LUMS)


Program benefits


  1. This program will help strengthen the fundamental concepts of biology required to understand disease development, disease progression, and diagnostics. The benefits of such a course will develop our doctors to be globally competitive with international doctors. Graduates from this program will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to contribute more to research.
  2. The faculty of biology at LUMS is consider that this initiative will open up such avenues for other medical institutes in Pakistan to follow the same pattern. The program will contribute toward the much-needed long-term change in the field of Medicine.
  3. Imparting such knowledge and skills in MBBS students will help initiate quality research in medical colleges and universities. This will help Pakistan to contribute toward new knowledge generation and discoveries in Medicine.


Fee Structure for the 1 Year Education at LUMS 


LUMS has waived the admission fee and the School of Science and Engineering fee. Mr. Shahid Hussain has offered that the Shahid Hussain Foundation (SHF) will pay the LUMS fees of the first batch of twenty students from Shalamar.