Health is one of God’s greatest blessings. A famous saying, “Health is Wealth,” makes it more comprehensible. With the emerging advancements in the modern era, mankind is in a constant race for money, luxuries, success, and adorations. No doubt he has reached the stars and has captured the galaxies in his pocket, but his health is on the verge of extermination.


The new decade has brought the essential concerns into consideration. The majority of people are conscious of their health. To be prosperous, health needs to be our priority. Let’s see the ways by which we can make our lifestyle healthier:




Diet is the fuel for the human body. To save the body from deterioration, it’s cardinal to provide correct fuel.


  • Always try to eat healthy foods that are obtained directly from nature, e.g., green fruits and vegetables
  • Take a variety of food like meat, grains, dairy, and pulses.
  • Take all portions of food in adequate quantity.
  • Avoid salty and spicier foods, especially at night
  • Prefer homemade food
  • Prefer fresh food; try to avoid frozen meals




The closer we are to nature, the less we are prone to debilitation. To feel contentment, we should try to remain close to nature.


  • View sunsets and sunrises
  • Enjoy the chirping of birds
  • Music of breezes
  • The calmness in a noisy sea




  • By sleeping early and waking up early can be active and fresh, relaxed and competent.
  • One can make use of their abilities to the maximum. A study proved that waking up close to sunrise boosts the release of happy hormones (endorphins) that reduce the risk of cardiovascular abnormalities and mental disorders.
  • Early rising keeps our bodies in balance, preventing us from obesity, gastric issues, and other comorbidities.


  1. WALK


Detoxification is essential to get rid of harmful toxins in our bodies. The toxins we are inhaling and polluting our bodies need to be pushed out. The best detox is to go for a walk for at least 25 minutes a day.

  • Walking releases endorphins, burn fats, and helps in preventing diseases, e.g., diabetes, hypertension, mental and other metabolic syndromes




The world around us is suffused with fascination. Foods with scrumptious tastes but no nutritional value causes debridement of health.


  • Children are exposed to the vicious cycle of eating unhealthy foods, e.g., chocolates, fast foods, snacks, and candies, increasing the risk of comorbidities among children.
  • In this modern busier world, all the advancements have made life easier, but this ease has pursued man to opt for comfort in every matter of life.
  • Processed canned foods replace fresh foods to save time and add taste.
  • Nonetheless, using processed foods has exposed humans to toxic agents escalating the risk of cancers, diabetes, etc.




The food we eat and the habits we choose decide our way of living. Technological progress makes our lives easy while restricting our outdoor activities to almost none. This has trapped our growing minds in unhealthy bodies, leaving us at the mercy of heavy pills. Youth is suffering from hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, and PCOS. It is alarming for the whole of the world.


  • Sports and exercise nourish our body, mind, and soul, making us healthy, active, and energetic. This reduces the risk of diseases.
  • Engaging ourselves in favorite sports, like badminton, cricket, etc., for 20 minutes at least twice a week can prevent cardiovascular diseases.


  1. TALK


Our younger population is preoccupied with electronic gadgets and immersed in an imaginary world far away from their families and loved ones. As a result, the risk of depression and suicidal deaths is more among them.


  • The emotional garbage and toxicities eating us inside need to be dumped out of our minds by either talking to some good friends or our loved ones. Mental health is as important as physical health.
  • Sharing our exhaustion and getting our problems sorted out via talking plays a crucial part in one’s progress and integrity of mental health. Moreover, it diminished the risk of depression and anxiety attacks.





Smoking is hazardous and injurious to health. These trending words are only read by us but are not understood and implemented.


  • Our youth, probably the one getting higher education working in companies and hospitals, uses smoking as their stress reliever. Indeed, these people are exposing themselves to tons of annihilating toxins, risking their lives being taken on hospital beds.
  • Even one cigarette a day carries a risk of coronary, cerebral disease, stroke, etc.
  • By passive smoking, one is not risking their life only but of their loved ones also.
  • To be healthy, one has to use other ways to relieve stress and eliminate smoking to free the environment of pollution, hazards, and lung cancers.




Self-hygiene is half a part of our religion.


  • By dressing neatly, taking a bath, properly cutting nails, washing hands before eating and after using toilets, after coming to the house, and after touching patients can prevent hundreds of infectious agents and diseases.
  • An effort that takes less than 10 minutes but can make us healthy is not bad to adopt. It can help to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe.


  1. Drink water


Our body is made of 60 % water. All enzymes work in an aquatic environment. We need water for our survival.


  • But as we are getting modernized, we have started loving fast foods; this practice has taken us far from getting a proper water intake. The foods we prefer don’t contain enough water to fulfill our body’s requirements.
  • By choosing fruits and vegetables for our meals at least once a day and drinking 4 liters of water daily, we could provide our bodies a healthy environment to grow, heal and work properly.
  • Water is essential to get rid of toxins and burn fats, this aids in weight loss, preventing us from comorbidities and extending the quality and quantity of our life span.


Most people around the globe are recognizing the importance of a healthy lifestyle and are adopting healthy ways of living. All the ways we considered above were easy to adopt and worthwhile to get a qualitative lifestyle. After all, survival is necessary to make advancements in the world and enjoy embellishments. It can be made feasible only by a healthy, conscious, competent body.


Mahnoor Shafiq

MBBS Student, SMDC

Member of SMDC Literary Society.