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                                                                                          PROF. FARIDA MUNAWAR

                                                                                        Head of Physiology Department Prof.
                                                                                        Farida Munawar has been awarded
                                                                                        with Masters  Degree in Health Profes-
                                                                                        sions  Education  (MHPE)  by  the
                                                                                        University of Health Sciences. This is
                                                                                        indeed a spectacular achievement.

              SHALAMAR HOSPITAL FROM JULY 1, 2015 TO JUNE 30, 2016

             Outdoor Patients                                         349,258

             Indoor Patients                                           25,878
                                                                                             DR. FARAH SHAHEEN
             Emergency Patients                                       135,362

             Surgical Procedures                                       10,682           Dr.   Farah   Shaheen   from   the
                                                                                        Department of Physiotherapy has
             Free & Subsidized Treatment Cost (In Millions PKR)           226           presented an oral paper in the First
                                                                                        UHS Allied Health Sciences, Nursing
             Free Treated Patients                                    488,187           and Pharmacy International Confer-
                                                                                        ence on “Directed Kinesiotherapy
             Free Patients Through Mobile Dispensary                   12,228           Treatment and Free Physiological
                                                                                        Movement for Better Quality of Life in
                                                                                        Breast  Cancer  Patients”. She  secured
                                                                                        2nd position for it. This was the first
                                                                                        ever study in Pakistan which was
                                                                                        conducted at INMOL Hospital Lahore.

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