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                                               Trustees, Ch. Ahmad Saeed, trustees:
                                               Syed Babar Ali, Mr. Shahid  Hussain,
                                               Mr. Ibrar A. Mumtaz, Mr. Muhammad
                                               Munir Chaudhry, Mr. Altaf M. Saleem,
                                               Mr. Shahbaz ud Din Chaudhry, and
                                               other noble personalities attended as
                                               guests. The event commenced with  a
                                               speech from trustee, Mr. Shahid
                                               Hussain highlighting the traits of
                                               ingenuity, persistence and  innovation
                                               woven into the fabric of SIHS. On
                                               behalf of Board of  Trustees, he
                                               honored the generosity of spirit and
                                               dedication of Chief Minister of
                                               Punjab, Mian Shahbaz Sharif and the
                                               Government of Pakistan. He laid
                                               emphasis on how the financial support
                                               from 'Friends of Shalamar' comprising
                                               of philanthropists, institutions and      The guests were shown a documentary,
                                               members of the community at large         "Mein  Hoon  Shalamar",  highlighting
                                               enabled SIHS in advancing healthcare      how SIHS drives growth through
                                               excellence. By relaying  several          innovation, persistence and constantly
                                               accounts of lives saved owing to the      evolving goals.
                                               provision of free healthcare, he
     Shalamar Institute of Health Sciences     underscored the value of philanthropic    The event concluded with the SIHS
     organized its First Annual Dinner, to     endeavour.  He  also  highlighted  the    anthem "Azm-e-Shalamar" evoking
                                                                                         the promise of a boundless future.
     pay tribute to the honorable “Friends     advances      in     structural    and
     of Shalamar”, at Faletti's Hotel,         departmental      designs,     clinical
     Lahore. Chairman of Board of              research and education at SIHS.

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