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    Dr. Kamran Babar, MD, FACC                             Held October 1, 2016      said that, “This is a very satisfying morning
                                                                                     for me as on one hand to see my colleagues
    Pakistan Cardiac Society Lahore Chapter                                          engaging and participating in  such an
    and Pakistan Society of Interventional                                           educational activity with quite enthusiasm
    Cardiology held it’s quarterly meeting for                                       early Saturday morning with excellent turn
    the first time at Shalamar Institute of Health                                   out is definitely commendable and on other
    Sciences on Oct 1st, 2016.                                                       hand to hold this event in Shalamar
    On this vibrant and chirpy morning,                                              Hospital, which I hold very close to my
    meeting in Shalamar Medical and Dental                                           heart due to my long association with it’s
    College Lecture hall auditorium was very                                         founding board of trustees Ch. Nazar
    enthusiastically  attended  by  all leading
    cardiologist, consultants and trainees from
    all major institutions in Lahore and     Dr. Nadir Khan Case series presentation
    Faisalabad including Prof Shehryar Sheikh,   regarding various complex techniques of
    Dr. Shehbaz and Dr. Sarwar from Doctors   bifurcation stenting techniques in Left
    Hospital, Prof. Nadeem Hayat Malik, Dr.   Main, LAD and LCX. Next Dr. Kamran
    Bilal Mohiuddin and Dr. Ayub from Punjab   Babar presented his challenging case of
    Institute of Cardiology, Prof. Umber Malik,   undilatable SVG stenosis and literature
    Prof. Saulat Siddique and Dr. Qazi Saboor   review for discussion, followed by Dr.
                                             Mohammad      Muneeb’s     case    of
                                             Echocardiographic  imagery   of  Left
                                             ventricular mass and rapid progression.  Mohammad, Ch. Mohammad Hussain and
                                             Dr. Ayub presented a case of Nuclear, Graft   their families and my involvement in its
                                             study angiography and CT angiography    planning some 30 years ago. Shalamar
                                             imaging of a post CABG patient from PIC   Hospital is uniquely and strategically
                                             and then at conclusion Prof Naeem       located in Lahore, patient centered and
                                                                                     purpose  built  institution  by  Australian
                                             presented their agenda for upcoming
                                             Annual Pakistan Cardiac Society meeting   planners and developers in late 70’s and
                                             at Faisalabad in Nov 2016 extending his   now state of the art Medical College where
                                             warm invitation for all to attend.      we are holding this meeting has given me a
    from   Sheykh    Zayd   Hospital,  Dr.                                           very fulfilling and satisfying feeling”.
    Mohammad Tanveer from Mayo Hospital,     Interactive  case discussions and  active   Meeting was adjourned at a very high note
    Col. Dr. Nadir Khan from CMH  Army       participation from a large number of    of appreciation by the attendees, and guests
    Cardiac Center Lahore, Prof. Zubair Akram   attendees made this a very successful and   were escorted to SMDC for photography.
    and Dr. Muzzafar from Jinnah Hospital, Dr.   academically stimulating event.
    Abid, Dr. Imran Hashmi and Dr. M. Irfan   Prof Dr. Shehryar in his closing comments
    from Gulab Devi Hospital, Prof. Naeem
    from Faisalabad Institute of Cardiology, Dr.
    Tayyab Mohiuddin and Dr. Gohar from
    National Hospital.  They  were  warmly
    welcomed by Dr. Kamran Babar, Dr.
    Ammar Hameed Khan and Dr. Muneeb
    from Shalamar Institute of Health Sciences.
    Meeting started at sharp 9am with the name
    of Allah Almighty,  followed  by  Welcome
    address by the host Dr. Kamran Babar and
    then meeting introduction by Prof. Amber
    Malik regarding objectives, layout and
    agenda of the meeting.
    First Case presented by Dr. Muzzafar from
    Jinnah  Hospital regarding hypothermia
    protocol in Post cardiac arrest patients
    critical care management, followed by Col

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