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     At SIHS,  we have developed a culture of   to the Radiology Department for CT and   yearly appraisals of our residents to include
     patient-centred  care  in   which   the   MRI, pre-operative and post-operative     presentation assessments,  VIVAs,  MCQ
     individual's specific  health  needs and   management, and clinical management.     tests, exam progession and personal
     desired health outcome are the driving force   Apart from ensuring quality healthcare   development  plans, audits,  evaluation  of
     behind  healthcare  decisions  and  quality   services,  we  offer  a  well-structured,    research  efforts and participations  in
     measurement.                              competency-based Postgraduate training    workshops.
     The  Anesthesia  and ICU Department,      programme, supervised by the CPSP, and    This year, 80% of our residents passed the
     recognised by the CPSP since 1999, is     highly regarded throughout the country. At   IMM Examination.
     equipped  with a highly  qualified  faculty   present, 19 of our doctors are undergoing   We pride ourselves in being the first choice
     trained  in  the  management  of critically  ill   Postgraduate training.  These residents are   of our Shalamar Medical and Dental College
     patients in the Operation  Theatres, ICU's   required to appear in series of tests,   graduates for their internships. Thus far, an
     and Pain Clinics. Our ICU is the only one in   including a VIVA assessment and directed   impressive  30 of our trained  consultants
     the  hospital  which  offers  24/7  care  to  its   observation of procedural skills, to   have secured jobs. Out of these, 8 are
     patients.                                 demonstrate their learnings, and are also   working in England, 6 in Saudi Arabia and
     The patients referred to the ICU are mainly   required to receive positive feedback from   19 in Pakistan.
     from   the   Emergency    Unit,   CCU,    the module consultants.  We also conduct
     Nephrology, male  and female  medical
     wards, male and female surgical wards, and
     private I and private II.
     The majority of these patients have received
     diagnoses ranging from septic  shocks,
     ARDS with
     respiratory failure, hepatic and renal failure,
     HTN, DM, MI with heart failure or CVA's.
     In  addition,  surgical  patients  are  also
     admitted  to receive  post-operative care in
     the unit.
     During this past year alone, we have
     managed over 1900 patients in surgeries and
     allied   specialties.  The   Anesthesia
     Department  has provided  care  for 442
     critically  ill patients consisting of 282
     (64%) General  Patients  and 160 (36%)
     Private  Patients.  Out of the  282 General
     Patients, 223 (80%) were PWS patients. For
     this past financial year, these patients were
     granted  a subsidy of Rs. 5.2 million.
     Recently,  we also  established  a  Specialty
     Pain Clinic to treat patients suffering from
     acute and chronic pain. The clinic operates
     under the competent  supervision of Dr.
     Aamir Waseem and Dr. Almas Iqbal who are
     both qualified  experts in their  field
     possessing  national  and international
     experience in pain management.
     In addition, we have integrated the modern
     concepts of pre-operative,  intra-operative
     and post-operative management of critically
     ill  patients  into  our healthcare  system.
     Furthermore, we expanded our clinical
     services  in  Gastroscopy, Colonoscopy  and
     ERCP and also plan to extend our services

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