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                                             I encourage you all to  technical facilities and a staff trained
                                             take the time to read the  to ensure quality diagnostic care.
                                             important developments           The Shalamar Radiology Centre is
                                             with regards to our              providing diagnostic services under
                                             progress at Shalamar             the supervision of  expert radiologists.

                                             Institute of Health              Their recent developments include the
                                             Sciences enclosed in this        establishment of Pulmonology Clinic,
                                             message.                         Rheumatology Clinic, Growth Clinic,

                                             At our institution, we  Autism Clinic, and Infertility and Pain
                                             pride  ourselves  for  Management Clinic.

               Brig. (R) Anis Ahmed          tirelessly working in            We are proud to announce that
                                             service of our unique            Shalamar Medical and Dental College

                             tripartite mission of research, education  hosted its First International
                             and patient care.                                Conference which was led and attended

                             The operational standards of excellence          by renowned medical experts of
                             at Shalamar Hospital are matched by the          various fields from around the world.
                             academic standards of excellence of  We thank each and every one of you

                             Shalamar Medical and Dental College,  who continue to support the programs
                             Shalamar       Nursing       College      and in research, education and patient
                             Shalamar School of  Allied Health  care. It is our privilege to recognise
                             Sciences. Our goal is to train the next  and appreciate the financial support of

                             generation of Doctors, Nurses and  our most valued philanthropic friends.
                             Technicians to become leaders of their  To pay tribute to their noble
                             field, dedicated to providing first-rate  contributions, SIHS hosted an Annual
                             meticulous patient care.                         Dinner, "Friends of Shalamar" at

                             This year, our efforts in advancing              Faletti's Hotel, Lahore.
                             towards our central goal have been  We hope to honour their generosity

                             significant.                                     and our community's faith in us in the

                             We      successfully       inaugurated       a   coming years by further raising the
                             Shalamar Lab Collection Centre in                impact of SIHS on the quality of
                             Naseer Hospital, Garden Town, Lahore             healthcare in this region and turning
                             and another one in  Ammar Medical                more of our innovative ideas into

                             Complex, Jail Road, Lahore.  These               transformative therapies.
                             centres are equipped with modern

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