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                          Our journey forward accelerated in 2017            Dental      College,      equipped      with
                          as we continued to improve our quality             state-of-the-art  laboratories,  training
                          of  healthcare through  innovation,                aids, an outstanding faculty and superior
                          high-impact research and dedicated                 teaching programmes, is well on its way
                          efforts.                                           to achieving excellence. Our subsidiary

                          Our successes thus far, can  be greatly            units, Shalamar  Nursing College  and
                          credited  to our immensely  talented  and          School of Allied Health Sciences have
                          hard-working  group  of  individuals               also proved to be worthy of great
                          working at Shalamar  Institute  of Health          recognition  as their  comprehensive
                          Sciences comprising of doctors, nurses,            programmes have been designed to
                          technicians  and managerial  staff whose           adopt a holistic approach, focusing not
                          collective efforts and tireless shifts have        only the physical aspects rather also the
                          allowed us to become one of the most               psychological  and spiritual  aspects  of
                          prominent  healthcare  institutions  of            healthcare.
                          Lahore.                                            Going forward, I have complete faith in
                          At Shalamar Institute of Health Sciences,          the abilities  and willingness of all the
                          we pride  ourselves  in  embracing  an             members  of  our  workforce  to  make
                          integrated  approach towards improving             SIHS  the best medical  institute  of
                          healthcare.                                        Pakistan. I hereby offer my full support

                          For over  four decades,  our efforts have          to all  units of Shalamar  Institute  of
                          centred  around what is best for the               endeavour. May Allah (S.W.T) shower
                          community        and    making      Shalamar       His blessings on us all.
                          Hospital our community's leading choice
                          for healthcare.  Shalamar  Medical  and
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