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       The Shalamar Institute of Health Science   ICU is another achievement of the institute.
       takes pride in its skilled clinicians, capable   It is certainly  a niche in medical services of
       medical mentors and highly trained technical   the region as no other similar facility exists at
       staff that out shine and excel in medical   par. The facility of Club Foot clinic where
                                                the congenitally deformed feet of children
       fields, gearing up pace with the                   are being treated in Shalamar
       international  advancements.                       Hospital is a blessing for the
       Either is it the matter of serving                 people of Northern Lahore. Our
       the   ailing  humanity  or                         newly launched pain clinic will
       equipping one self with the                        go far in serving the  terminally
       latest technology,  SIHS is  on                    ill and rehibilitating patients.
       forefront of medical horizon.                      Expansion of  Accident and
       Recently  we   launched  a                         Emergency  Department  and
       State-of-The -Art Radiology                        Shalamar Pathology Lab is an
       Centre where our expert                            important  part  of   future
       radiologists are performing                        development program of SIHS.
       MRI, CT scan, Mammography,                         In this journey of serving
       Ultrasonography and digital                        humanity Shalamar Institute  of
       X-Ray at reasonably nominal rates.       Health  Sciences need  the  contribution and
       Establishment    of    a     dedicated   support of its friends like you. May Allah
       Gastroenterology & Liver Centre and an   (S.W.T) accept our good deeds and
       International Standard Children Burn &   strengthen us to do more for his creation.
       Reconstructive Surgery Center with Burn


       Shalamar Hospital has its new launched its   stone that is not available in other hospi-
       Radiology Department, provided by latest   tals of  the  city. With this kind effort  of
       developed  technologies. It is one of the   Chairman Ch. Ahmad Saeed, thousands
       best Radiology  Centre in  Pakistan fully   of patients will get their treatments. Facil-
       equipped with machines of international   ities like MRI, CT scan, Mammography,
       standard.                                 Ultra-sound, Fluoroscopy and X-Rays are
       Interventional  Radiology  Procedures,    provided by Pakistan's most experienced
       carried out under the supervision of inter-  consultants.
       nationally trained consultants, it is a mile-

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