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      Our  First International  Conference was  a                                        treatment for diabetes. Dr. Saira Afzal Tarar,
      spectacular  four-day event  arranged  and                                         Minister of State for National Health
      hosted by Shalamar  Medical  and Dental                                            Service, also adressed the attendees in her
      College. The conference titled "MODERN                                             capacity  as special guest. She highlighted
      TRENDS,        TECHNIQUES        AND                                               the immense  efforts of the Federal
      METHODS  OF TREATMENTS  IN THE                                                     Government  to  ensure  the  availability of
      FIELD OF  HEALTH CARE” amassed                                                     free  vaccinations  for the  children  of the
      around a 100 participants  to discuss the                                          less-affording in Pakistan.
      possibilities  for better  healthcare  through                                     SIHS’s specialized doctors and surgeons of
      the incorporation of the latest technologies,                                      Gastroenterology, Pathology, Pharmacology,
      and 652 attendees consisting of physicians   the Organising Committee of First     Anesthesia,  Surgery, Gynecology  and
                                               International Conference, shed light on the   Obstetrics,  Radiology,  Community
                                               latest  developments in  the field of     Medicine, Radiology, Bariatric Surgery and
                                               healthcare.  Afterwards, Prof. Ses P.M.   Medicine also attended the conference.
                                               Wendrolaten took over the podium to
                                               highlight the growing importance and      Later,  Chairman  Board  of  Trustees,  Ch.
                                                                                         Ahmad Saeed, Trustee, Mr. Shahid Hussain,
                                               requirements  of  medical  education  in  the
                                                                                         Chief Executive, Brig. (R) Anis Ahmed, and
                                                                                         Principal,  Prof. Zahid Bashir joined the
                                                                                         concluding session of the conference.

      and surgeons from the United States, United
      Kingdom, Singapore, Netherland, Egypt,
      Saudi  Arabia and Pakistan. Dr. Shabbir
      Lehri, President of Pakistan Medical and
      Dental Council, inaugurated the event and
      alluded to the importance of the conference
      as an important milestone for SMDC. He
      later stressed the need for conducting more   fifty  years  to  come.  Later,  Prof. S. Athar
      of these research-oriented symposiums as   Inam expounded on the modern techniques
      they can aid us in our collective mission of   employed  in brain tumour surgery. Prof.
      providing   comprehensive    healthcare  Shahzaib Pervaiz presented on cancer cells
      services.  Addressing   the   inaugural  with regards to the developing technologies
      ceremony, Prof. M.A. Wajid, Chairman of   and Dr. M. Hameed related  the latest

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